The stability between two HIV-1 RNA levels measurements one year apart and the relationship with HIV subtype in rural Uganda

Publication Date: 
Monday, February 12, 2001
Morgan D, Kaleebu P, Whitworth J, Yirrell D, Rutebemberwa A, Shier R, Sebabi B, Gilmour J, Eotu H, Omoding N and Gotch F

We compared HIV-1 RNA levels using the nucleic acid sequenced based amplification (NASBA) test kit in 2 samples taken one year apart from participants infected with env subtype A or D in a population-based cohort in Uganda. Fifty participants were infected with subtype A and 70 with subtype D. HIV-1 RNA levels were significantly higher in subtype D unadjusted (P=0.001), and after adjusting for age, gender, and CD4 count (P<0.001). Eighty-six participants had HIV-1 RNA measurements in both years and 67 (78%) were within one log10 of their result a year before. There was no relationship between the difference in log viral load and proportion of CD4 change. Individuals infected with subtype D had a higher average increase in viral load and this was statistically significant if adjusted for baseline levels and CD4 count (P=0.015).

International Journal of STD & AIDS
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