Research on the changing HIV/AIDS Epidemic (ROCHAE)

Vision and goal:
The vision for ROCHAE Theme is to contribute to the control of the HIV epidemic and to HIV-related health policy in Uganda and in the region.

The research activities under the ROCHAE Theme will be under three main

Programmes: HIV Intervention, HIV and Cancer Epidemiology and Social Aspects of Health Programmes. We will address the following.
1. Research on prevention of acquisition of new infections:
a. Research to inform HIV vaccine design and clinical trials
b. Microbicide research
c. Uptake and impact of proven HIV interventions (HIV combination, PrEP, and Test-and-Treat)
d. Research on impact of norethisterone enantate (NET-EN) on the risk of recurrent bacterial vaginosis in women at high risk for HIV infection
2. Research to improve survival and quality of life among people living with HIV
a. Long-term health (and wellbeing) outcomes among people living with HIV
b. HIV association with common mental disorders, and impact on retention in HIV care, and adherence to ART
c. Neurocognitive effects of in utero exposure to ART in HIV-exposed uninfected children
3. Research on HIV epidemiology in general and key populations
a. Magnitude and trends of HIV infections
b. Modelling the HIV epidemic wave
c. Mortality among people living with HIV
d. HIV related cancers in the era of ART
e. Impact of HIV on transmission dynamics of oncogenic infections

We will collaborate closely with the Pathogen-GPI Programme, ENERI and STOP-NCD Themes to conduct research on:
1. ART resistance (to first and second line drugs) in the era of Test-and-Treat and PrEP
2. Host and virus genetics and genomics (including transmission networks)
3. Vaccines and Immunity
4. HIV Co-infections
5. HIV cure

Summary: The ROCHAE Theme will deliver research across different aspects of the HIV epidemic to understand and to contribute to current HIV epidemiology, to undertake intervention research, and to conduct immunological and virological research to inform those interventions


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Status Start Main PI Project Leader
Concluded Feb 2009 Test1, Test 2