Research to understand the risk factors and control of NCDs (STOP-NCD)

Head of Programme: 

Vision and Goal: The vision for the Theme is to contribute to the control of NCDs in Uganda and the region.

Strategy: The research activities under the STOP-NCD Theme will integrate on-going studies under HIV Intervention, and HIV and Cancer Epidemiology, Social Sciences and I-Vac Programmes. We will address the following.
1. NCDs in long-term survivors with HIV and on ART
2. The impact and control of oncogenic viruses
3. Stroke and hypertension
4. Mental health
5. Social aspects of NCDs
6. The role of immunomodulating infections, particularly helminths, in susceptibility to allergy-related and metabolic disease
7. The impact of pre-natal exposures on cardio-metabolic risk factors in adolescence
8. Health Systems and Implementation Research. Efforts will be made to address some of these areas regionally through our regional collaborations e.g. with the Mwanza Intervention Trials Unit
9. Expanding genomic studies especially within the APCDR

Summary: STOP-NCD will therefore bring together the various projects involved in NCD studies. The aim is to contribute to understanding the burden of disease, risk factors, examine health systems in order to plan better intervention studies that will contribute to the future control of these diseases. The Unit’s multidisciplinary research approach, investments in both rural and urban population cohorts, modern diagnostics and bioinformatics together with the partnerships created put us at an advantage.