Dr. Yunia Mayanja

Project Leader - HIV Epidemiology and Prevention Programme

Dr. Yunia Mayanja is a project leader, under the Epidemiology and Prevention program of the MRC/UVRI Uganda Research Unit on AIDS. She qualified with a degree in medicine and surgery, and has post graduate training in Public Health (MPH).

She has been involved in HIV/AIDS research for the last 7 years; previously having worked as a physician on a project to roll out antiretroviral treatment (ART) to rural health facilities in rural Uganda. For the last two and half years she has led a team of health workers at the Good Health for Women Project (GHWP) initially to study HIV/STI epidemiology and initiating prevention strategies among women involved in high risk sexual behaviour (female commercial sex workers) in Kampala, Uganda. Her current scope of work involves a study to identify correlates of HIV-1 super-infection and multiple infections among HIV high risk women, and a study to assess if high risk women can be enrolled and retained in a simulated HIV vaccine trial. The latter study will help to prepare suitable populations for future HIV vaccine trials.