About the MRC/UVRI Uganda Research Unit

The MRC/UVRI Uganda Research Unit is an internationally recognized center of excellence for research on HIV infection and related diseases, contributing knowledge on the evolving epidemic, the evaluation of innovative health care options, treatment and prevention, and the development of health policy and practice in Africa and worldwide.

The MRC/UVRI Uganda Research Unit was established under an agreement between the Ugandan and the British Governments to collaborate in the research of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) infection and AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) in 1988. The Unit is part of the Medical Research Council UK and is hosted by the Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI).The Unit is based at the UVRI Entebbe campus with established outposts in Kalungu, Masaka, Wakiso and Kampala Districts.

Mission (2017-2022);
1. To conduct research to add knowledge and improve the control of infectious and non-communicable diseases both in Uganda, in Africa and globally
2. To contribute to the translation of research findings into policy and practice and
3. To build capacity for research in Africa.

Our vision is to build on the Unit's past research achievements, and new opportunities, to contribute to the control of the HIV epidemic, of other infectious diseases, and of non-communicable diseases, in Uganda, the region and the world.

MRC/UVRI Uganda Unit, Strategic Aims
1. Deliver excellent science aimed at contributing to the control of infectious and non-communicable diseases through a cohesive Theme-based research approach cemented by cross-Programme/disciplinary interactions
2. Strengthen partnerships and collaborations
3. Build human and infrastructural capacity
4. Attract external funding
5. Translate knowledge into policy and practice