In 2015, a new Bioinformatics section will be created to coordinate this expanding field. This section will work closely with the wider UVRI departments who are also expanding in this field including the MUII programme. The Bioinformatics section has largely been possible as a result of funding from the MRC-UK to create an MRC/UVRI Medical Informatics Centre (MIC) and the collaboration with Sanger and Cambridge University in the UK, co applicants on this grant. With this funding staff are being hired including a Bioinformatician and a systems manager.

The MRC funding has provided software and hardware including up to 512 cores and up to 125 terabytes of analytical disk space (Exascaler Lustre), and 125 terabytes for NFS archiving (including local mirrored back-up), all connected to a fibre link capable of providing up to 10Gb/s download speeds. These have been provided through a strategic collaboration with the Research and Educational Network for Uganda- RENU ( as part of the EU-funded Africa Connect project (