Addressing ethical issues in H3Africa research -- the view of ethics committee members. Report of the H3Africa Ethics Consultation Meeting, 2nd June 2014

Publication Date: 
Saturday, January 31, 2015
De Vries, J., A. Abayomi, K. Littler, E. Madden, S. McCurdy, O. O. M. Oukem-Boyer, J. Seeley, C. Staunton, G. Tangwa, P. Tindana and J. Troyer

In June 2014, the H3Africa Working Group on Ethics organised a workshop with members of over 40 research ethics committees from across Africa to discuss the ethical challenges raised in H3Africa research, and to receive input on the proposed H3Africa governance framework. Prominent amongst a myriad of ethical issues raised by meeting participants were concerns over consent for future use of samples and data, the role of community engagement in large international collaborative projects, and particular features of the governance of sample sharing. This report describes these concerns in detail and will be informative to researchers wishing to conduct genomic research on diseases pertinent to the African research context.

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