Senior Scientist- Pathogen Genomics Phenotype and Immunity Programme

He received his PhD at Makerere University Kampala Uganda in 2012 funded by MRC/UVRI. He received a Postdoctoral Fellowship from the Wellcome Trust funded Makerere University Uganda Virus Research Institute Infection and Immunity programme from 2012 to 2014 to investigate superinfection and disease progression in female sex workers in Uganda.

He is currently a Senior Scientist with the Unit. In particular his work involves the study of the virological and immunological correlates of HIV-1 superinfection. This work involves the use of next generation sequencing with phylogenetic analysis to determine HIV-1 superinfection and neutralization assays to determine the development of neutralizing antibodies prior to and after superinfection. His other research interests include studies on HIV-1 drug resistance and molecular epidemiology of HIV-1 in Uganda. He is also involved in H3ABionet, a network tasked to develop bioinformatics capacity in Africa. With colleagues at Makerere University, he is involved in the BRecA (Bioinformatics Research Capacity in Africa, 2017-2022) project that will establish sustainable programs at Makerere University to produce a critical mass of Bioinformaticians.

He was awarded an EDCTP career development fellowship to study the Immunological Selection of Recombinants following HIV-1 Superinfection (2016-2019).